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Guangzhou Fanzhe Bags Co., Ltd.
Multispecialty supplier
Main categories: Backpack/Travel Bag/Messenger Bag/Shoulder Bag/Fanny Pack
Years in industry(11)Cooperated suppliers (30)Multi-Language capability: Total trading staff (9)
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by SGS Group
Floor space(㎡)1000
Accepted languagesEnglish,Chinese
Company registration date2012-03-26
Years exporting11
Years in industry11
Annual export revenue (USD)-
Management certifications0
Product certifications0
Product test reports0
Production capabilities
Production machines106
Production lines-
MOQ range<10
Total annual output (units)-
Quality control
Product Support traceability of raw materialsYes
QA/QC inspectors5
Quality control conducted on all production linesYes
Product inspection methodInspection of all products, Random inspection, According to client's requirement
Trade background
Main marketsDomestic Market(40%), North America(15%), Western Europe(15%)
Supply chain partners30
Main client typesRetailer, Engineer, Wholesaler, Brand business, For private use, Manufacturer
R&D capabilities
R&D engineer education levels0 postGraduate, 3 graduate, 0 technicalSchool, 0 highSchool, 0 doctorate, 0 juniorCollege
R&D engineers3
New products launched in last year50
Customization optionslight customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand, light customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand